Truth behind slot misconceptions and myths

Both the words myth and misconception are commonly used when taking about the luck or benefits some players have with slot machines. There have been many wise tales about how to play and win on these machines, which mostly occur with people who don’t really understand the workings on a slot machine and how they are programmed. These wise tales are spread around to a point where they become gospel. Many people would say there are only a few ways to be sure you will win with slots, but are there these actually winning methods, luck or just ways that you could possibly win? Well, with this article we will take some of those tales and explain them for what they are.

First, let’s look at casinos and the slots they use. A few years ago the slot machines were based to payout jackpots only a certain amount of spins and the jackpots were small and averaged payouts of $100.00. Today, casinos use video slots, this means the slot machine has a microchip. Now these chips can be programmed to a point that will amaze most players. For example; let’s take a 3 reel video slot with a microchip. If both reels 1 and 2 only had jackpot symbols and reel 3 was also cover with jackpot symbols, but had 1 non-jackpot symbol, the machine can be programmed to only land on combinations that do not pay the jackpot. This means the machine will constantly spin combinations that involves the non-jackpot symbol. If slots or as called n Australia, pokies, are your interest then is a site you should look at visiting and bookmarking. They have an extensive list of pokies reviewed on this site as well as casino reviews and articles of interest. One of those is about the other types of games you can engage in titled Why speciality games can be a welcomed addition. This is a helpful article as it exposes you to many other styles of games.

It happened before that players just stop playing on a machine and the next player sits down presses spin once or twice and hits the jackpot. Now the question is, would you have hit the jackpot if you kept on playing? Well sadly, no. The microchip within the machine also provides a random number generator. Now this is quite a tricky part of a slot machine. The generator consists of number. Imagine a massive number of wheels with number on it and each wheel spinning in different directions. Each time you press spin the numbers are stopped and that’s want you see in the form of symbols on the screen, with that spin you might have no received any winning combinations, but for all you know if you pressed that spin button just a second sooner or later you could have won the jackpot. So someone sitting down after you and wins the jackpot, just means they pressed the button at the right time.

Can players tell when the machine is going to payout? Well, maybe a few years ago when the machines were still mechanical, but today there is no way with the number generator. Once again like the jackpot the button has to be pressed at the perfect time to get a winning combination. So if you playing and normal combinations are paid out it simply means your timing with the machine has been going well, but this can change with every spin as you do not know what numbers are generated with the next spin, could be a jackpot win or a loss.

This alone should tell you how many of those myths are true. The things is these myths came mostly from earlier slots as they were a little more predictable with math ect, but with the machines available today those myths are written off.