Roulette Winning Strategies

In order to have a winning edge in roulette, you need to make use of advanced strategies. Winning at online roulette can be easy but at times adopting a winning strategy can be a lot confusing. In this guide, you will understand the effects of bankroll management as well as understanding the risk to reward ratio

The effects of bankroll management

Online roulette is a tricky game that requires an effective bankroll management. Many people tend to say, ‘there is absolutely no way you can beat the roulette except when you steal chips while the dealer/croupier is not looking’. However, by adopting an effective winning strategy, you can beat the house.

From my point of view, roulette requires discipline and math. You tend to find out that when you are on a losing streak, the trend tends to move against your way, the moment you try to change your style of play such as changing the bets is the more you lose.

For instance, when you are playing side bets such as the dozen bets, placing your bets on 1-12 can result in the game consistently giving out numbers between 25 -36 at which when you change your side bets to 24-36 the game shifts and starts giving out numbers between 13-24 and the result is that you end up losing more money anticipating that the trend will soon move in your favor. This is one of the reasons that makes online roulette more complicated. Hence, how do you deal with such situations?

How can you make the game move in your favor and is it guaranteed that you will win consistently?

The only way you can win at roulette is to remain consistent with any strategy you are using. An important factor you need to apply is to set your profit target as well as your stop loss. By determining your profit targets as well as stop loss, you will be able to attain a winning edge. For example, when your profit target has been achieved, you should move away from the roulette table due to the fact that if you continue game play anticipating to win more, the trend can suddenly move against your favor and the end result is that you will lose all your money.

For an effective bankroll management, you need to set your profit targets and stop loss as well remaining consistent with a particular strategy.

Understanding the risk to reward ratio

New roulette players tend to be confused when placing bets and they tend to throw away their money basing the game on luck rather than skill. It’s a known fact that the higher the risk, the higher the dividend/payout. However, with online roulette, you need to consider bankroll management at which you would have to select bets that reduce your level of risk to a minimal. Hence, playing inside bets are very risky when compared to outside bets.

Therefore, in order to reduce your risk to reward ratio, you need to combine the bets. You can combine both outside bets and inside bets but you should make it a point that you wager more for the outside bets and less for the inside bets because outside bets are easy to win.

Roulette table

A common betting strategy is to play a combination of the dozen bets (1-12)+(13-24) and column bets (1-34)+(2-35)and any other inside bets you wish to play. For outside bets, the dozen bets and column bets have a payout of 2:1 while inside bets have a payout of 13:1.

However, you need to play a variation that does not limit your bets. In addition, you should avoid playing the American roulette because it has a higher house edge due to the use of the 00 and 0. The European roulette has an added advantage at which when the ball rests on 0 (zero), players whose bets where outside 0 lose half of their bets or their bets can remain locked and made comp

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