Common Slots Gaming Features

Slots have become very popular throughout casinos and every frequent casino player has tried playing slots and others play these games each time they visit the casino. Online slots are a way of relieving stress and anxiety. The games do not require complex strategies and all that is need is for you to insert coins and spin the reels. There are a variety of slot variations available to include classic reel slots, 5-reel slots, bonus slots, progressive jackpots and many more. In this guide, I will outline some of the gaming features found in these slot games.

Classic reel slots offer fewer gaming features than compared to the 5 reel and bonus slots. The most common gaming features offered by slots include the wilds, scatters, multipliers, free spins and the gamble feature. This however, is always changing as more features are being created to offer you new and exciting ways to win. It is what fuels the excitement that slots have to offer.

The more features – the better the winning

The wild is quite common to many slots especially the 5-reel slots and bonus slots. The main responsibility of the wild is to substitute all other icons and complete a possible payout combination. The wild comes in a variety of forms such as the expanding wild, stacked wild, and wild multipliers. Usually, the wild does not grant access to a bonus feature gam but some slot gaming manufacturers include the wild to activate bonus feature gams. A slot game that offers the wild feature gives players an added advantage to trigger more payouts per given spin. Players are able to compare and contrast which slot game are profitable. A slot game that offers the wild tends to be more profitable than slots which do not offer the wild.

Another interesting gaming feature offered by slots is the scatter icons. These scatters are responsible for activating bonus features. They appear anywhere on the reels and trigger entries disregard to whether they appear on active or non-active paylines. The scatters too award scatter multipliers against your total bet giving players an opportunity of hitting more coins per each payout combination that comes along with scatters showing on screen. The scatter icons cannot be substituted by the wild. Slots can make use of more than one scatter depending on the theme of the game and each scatter is responsible for activating a particular bonus feature game.

The most common feature found

The most common bonus round offered by slots is the free spin bonus round. This bonus feature awards free spins which are played automatically by the machine and additional free spins can also be re-triggered. All controls are disabled and players would just have to watch and enjoy the gaming action. Other gaming features offered by slots include the autoplay feature, reel stop feature and more.


Slots have today joined the list of the most played game on the planet. They offer the most fun, include incredible opportunities to win huge money and that is what people love most about them. You can play, enjoy and not have to sit and think. It makes the world a little less busy when playing slots.

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