Playstation Plus Goes Down Due to Hackers

Playstation Plus, a service offered by Playstation which allows for Playstation 3 Gamers to download free video games and receive special content that makes for an incredible gaming experience went down today. A group of hackers took it upon themselves to attack various video game related companies earlier on this week, taking down the Call of Duty Ghosts online as well as Playstation Plus in the process.

Playstation Plus Membership

This is a massive hit to Sony Entertainment as this means Playstation Plus gamers won’t be able to play the games they’ve downloaded through the service. The reason for this is because any game downloaded for free by a Playstation Plus member cannot play the game after they’ve ended their Playstation Plus Membership, if the game can’t realize that you’re a PS Plus Member then you can’t play the game. Sony Entertainment, the creators behind Playstation Plus realized that this hack had occurred after they received a mass amount of backlash from Facebook Users and Twitter Users.

Once Sony Entertainment realized that their Playstation Plus Service had been hacked they took it upon themselves to find out how this happened, who did it and how it can be resolved. Unfortunately Sony couldn’t figure out how the hackers got onto their system of who they we’re but Sony was able to reverse the hack, thus by allowing for the PS Plus service to once again be used and for gamers to enjoy their free downloadable games.

Playstation Plus costs $50 a year, it allows for gamers to receive free games and use the online service for the Playstation 4.

Call of Duty Will End In Two Years For Last Generation

Call of Duty, the most profitable video game series ever created will stop being created for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in two years time. This announcement came to light after Activision held a press conference this morning explaining the recent shut down of online functionality on Call of Duty Ghosts.


Activision noted that they have to stop creating Call of Duty games for the last generation in two years as their software will be too far advanced for the last generation consoles to handle. Though this announcement has upset a large amount of last generation gamers it has also sparked new found excitement for the video game series. The reason for this is because Call of Duty has been using the same software since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the first call of duty for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Fans of the series have grown tired of the poor visuals and have demanded more, Activision responding with a new software for the series on the Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the latest call of duty installment to be announced with be available for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. Activision will use the software created for Advanced Warfare throughout the next eight years, improving on the softwares capabilities with each passing game. Fans of the series will also be happy to know that COD has been switched to a three year schedule. Allowing for the games to become that much better of an experience.

Scarlett Johansson’s “Lucy” Is Incredible

Scarlett Johansson, more commonly known as her character from the Marvel Universe “Black Widow” appeared at WonderCon this year through a trailer for her new movie “Lucy”. The Director, Luc Besson showcased the first trailer for the movie at WonderCon. During the trailer you notice that Mr. Johansson’s character has been forced to take a super drug that allows for her to use more than 10% of her brain power. This in return gives her incredibly mental and physical abilities that she can’t grasp.

scarlett johansson

During the film she takes it upon herself to go on a quest that will be filled with death, blood and horror. The quest that Lucy goes on is to find the men who forced her this drug and make them pay for the actions they committed on her. The movie shows it’s sexy and action paced theme in one scene where Lucy gives a man a seductive look and then spreads her legs. As the man goes towards Lucy she takes his life, retrieves his gun and escapes from the cell where she’s been forced to stay.

The best thing about this film is that since Lucy can use 20% of her brain power she no longer needs to be concerned with religious beliefs, morality of sympathy. Once you access twenty percent of your brain power those feeling essentially disappear and you are made into a rational thinker, making every move by what it best for the long outcome. This in return makes for an exciting film that everyone should go see.

Captain America: The Winter Solider Still Remains As No. 1 Movie

Captain America: The Winter Solider, the sequel to marvels highly popular movie series “Captain America” continued to remain as the number one blockbuster movie for a third week in a row. During its third weekend in the theatres Captain America was able to bring in $26.6 Million. The film has crossed over the $200 Million mark alone within the United States of America. All together Captain America: The Winter Solider has been able to bring in $586.6 Million with that number rising every day.

captain america the winter soldier

Johnny Depp’s new movie “Transcendence” opened this week in the box office. Recently Mr. Depp has been under fire as an A-List actor due to two flops at the box office, the first being Dark Shadows and the second being The Lone Ranger. Transcendence marks the third film he’s been a part of that has become a flop at the box office with Transcendence only bringing in an estimated $11.2 Million. Transcendence was under a $100 Million production budget, if the movie doesn’t earn over $100 million dollars the studio behind the movie will lose a large amount of money.

Rio 2, the sequel to the highly popular cartoon movie came in second place at the box office this weekend. They were able to earn $22.5 Million, this marks the second week that the film has been in theatres. The third film, “Heaven is for real” was another opening movie for this weekend and they were able to earn $21.5 Million. A Haunted House 2, a movie from the Wayans brothers was only able to earn $9.1 Million on its debut.

Wall Street Fever Jackpot Awarded for $234,687

April Fools marks the day where everyone becomes a prankster looking to trick their best friends or make a funny joke. Often you can’t figure out what is real and what is fake on this day. One online gambler this April Fools was able to land on a jackpot and this jackpot win was no joke. He triggered the jackpot while playing Wall Street Fever, a Playtech slot and that’s when he won $234,687.

Playtech logo

Details for this jackpot win have yet to be made available to the media, we can confirm that this jackpot win was larger than the normal amount usually won through Wall Street Fever. On average this slot’s jackpot will pay out $136,364. This marks a massive increase in profit for the punter who triggered yesterdays $234,687 jackpot win.

Wall Street Fever is a video slot developed by Playtech. It designed around the harsh and busy lifestyle that stock brokers must live on a daily basis. When playing this slot you notice different stock brokers expressing their facial experiences, each facial expression is either someone smiling because they earned money or frowning because they have just lost money. Symbol wise you see dollar bills, coins, Televisions, Computer Monitors, the Wall Street Sign, Telephones, Skulls and more. Feature wise you will be able to experience multipliers and wilds through Wall Street Fever.

We will continue to inform you on any updates pertaining towards this jackpot win. There is no information on who the winning punter is or which casino this jackpot was triggered at.

Toilet Themed Slot Released By MicroTech

MicroTech Entertainment, a gambling firm based out of Ecuador announced that they have released their first video slot. This slot will have a toilet theme design to it, making it truly unique for a video slot.

Microtech logo

MicroTech has named this slot “April Stools”, it stands as a 5 reel, and 87 payline slot. Feature wise you will come across free spins and cascading reels, thus by allowing for punters to win money and potentially save some at the same time.

April Stools is truly one of the most unique slots that you will ever come across. This slot will first become available in the Kazakhstan Online Gambling Market.

Anurag Dikshit, the CEO behind MicroTech Entertainment commented on this games release saying, “This is the first slot machine to be released by MicroTech, we look forward to bringing this slot to the mass majority of punters in Kazakhstan. We have worked over the course of a month producing this video slot, we hope that it will drive players to have an astonishing gambling experiences at the various casinos that will offer this slot. One of those casinos is the Planet 7 Casino.”

He continued saying, “We have taken a look at other software developers such as Microgaming and Playtech, we have looked into what made those developers so popular in such a short period of time. We hope to follow that detailed process and recreate the level of popularity they have been able to gain throughout the years. This in return will allow for us to become a serious competitor in the online gambling market.”

Gambling Domain Seizure Case Halted By Kentucky Court

The State Court of Appeals for Kentucky has put a case which involved the seizure of 132 International gambling domain websites on hold earlier on this week. The courts ruled that the Interactive Gaming Council has the right to be involved with every aspect of this case.

The ruling came from a panel of three judges and these judges noted that the attorneys involved in this case treated the domain owners as a group but is now looking for the opportunity to have each individuals owner trailed. This way the Interactive Gaming Council could not become involved in the case. Either way the attorneys won’t get what they want as the courts ruled that any case involved with these domains will have evidence from the Interactive Gaming Council. This has made the attorneys involved in the case upset as they will now not be able to protect the identities of their client.

Judge Allison wrote in the court’s ruling the following: The Commonwealth will not turn the tables of this case and the attorneys will have to represent all the owners as a group just as they once wanted to. It will take far too much time in the courts to trail each one of the owners of these illegal gambling domain websites. Until the time where the attorneys feel it is best to return to courts with a group trailing the case will be put on hold.”

Delaware And Nevada Form New Online Poker Pact

On Tuesday, February 25th the Governors for the states of Nevada and Delaware signed a new compact deal that will allow for online poker players to enjoy the experiences of poker games based in each one of these states.

The deal which was signed by Brain Sandoval, the Nevada Governor and Jack Markell, the Delaware Governor. The goal for this compact is to gain an increased amount of poker players and hopefully make a larger revenue. Earlier on in the week Delaware announced that their online gambling profits are falling which is why they made a deal such as this one.

Mr. Sandoval commented on the deal that was just made saying, “We are standing in a moment of history as our right now. Not only has online gambling become legal in three states but those states are now collaborating with one another to bring a more extensive gambling experience. This shows that the federal government cannot stop the onslaught that is online gambling.”

He continued on by saying, “I see this as nothing more than an opportunity for both of our states. It shows that we are leaders in the industry and it will be great for players as the gaming experience will increase. It also helps the businesses running these gambling services and it will help increase the economy of both of our states. We hope that this new deal that we just made will serve as a model fot future states that will offer legalized online gambling.”

eCOGRA Approved As Testing Laboratory In Bulgaria

The State Gambling Commission in Bulgaria announced that they have approved eCOGRA as an acceptable testing lab for online gambling firms looking to enter the Bulgarian online gambling market.

eCOGRA had to go through an assessment program in Bulgaria in order to be passed through as the testing lab that they are today. eCOGRA now has the ability to certify any third party operators into the country. The operators that do want to enter the online gambling market in Bulgaria will be able to do so by following a strict set of rules created by eCOGRA and the Bulgarian government.

The Head Director for eCOGRA, Tex Rees, commented on the companies approval saying, “The application that all third party operators have to complete allows for us to see if the operator is honorable and professional in their operations. If the operator completes the application and we find they are honorable enough to operate within Bulgaria they’ll have to abide by a strict set of rules we have created. Any operator that breaks those rules will lose their gambling license and will be banned from operating in Bulgaria.”

eCOGRA has been the online gambling markets best licensing provider. Everyone who runs under the eCOGRA Gambling License is considered to be a professional online casino that won’t do anything to harm their players. There has only been a small number of casino operators who have broken the eCOGRA rules and regulations. Those who did break the rules lost their eCOGRA gambling license and were forced out of operation.

Diamond Valley Jackpot Won, $135,421 Triggered

Playtech has stood as one of the best software developers of online casino games for more than a decade now. Every video slot or casino game they released is considered to be high quality and is instantly played by thousands of people all across the world. Playtech competes with various other software developers such as Microgaming and Net Entertainment but Playtech has always stood as the number one developer compared to all of the others.

One of the most beloved games developed by Playtech is “Diamond Valley” a 5 reel, 5 payline video slot designed around the life of various birds. The background centred around the reels consists of a large mountain that looks like Mount Everest. You’ll also see a large bird with a bone in his mouth. Symbols on the reels consist of a purple bird, a jewelry box, money symbols, a golden tooth and so much more.

One lucky punter was able to trigger the progressive jackpot on Diamond Valley earlier on this week. That lucky online punter triggered a jackpot worth $135,421. There hasn’t been any details released on this jackpot win as the win was only triggered two days ago.

When the details for this jackpot win are released you can be ensured that will update you on the win. We can tell you that this jackpot win is considerably larger than the normal jackpot that is triggered on Diamond Valley. Normally you’d see a jackpot win of $71,015 through this video slot. We congratulate the jackpot winner and we hope that they spend their win wisely.