Star Wars & Avatar Park Attractions

Disney owns an array of new companies that has allowed for them to grow as a company like never before. When you think of Disney you think of all of the famous movies they’ve made throughout the years such as “Cinderella” or “Tangled” but recently throughout the last couple of years Disney has become more known for their various other properties. Disney currently owns Star Wars, Avatar and the Marvel Universe. Today it was revealed that new Star Wars and Avatar themed park attractions would be coming to the various Disney Parks across the world. Already you can take pictures with various characters from all of Disney’s film franchises at their park.


There is no word as to what these new attractions will be but you can expect the Star Wars themed attractions to include the Millennium Falcon and various Jedi like rides or Sith. We have no idea as to what Disney will do with an Avatar ride but we will keep you up to date on what these rides will be as time goes on. Currently everyday you can watch Storm Troopers, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and other famous characters from the Star Wars film walk down the Disney Parade which is held every day at the park.

Those wishing to go to Disney Land can either go to their website or they can go to your local trip advisor in order to find the cheapest rates available to go to the park for a vacation.

Arrest Made

The man who stabbed two young men in the Canada’s Wonderland stabbing on October 26th, 2014 has been found & arrested. Minutes after midnight when Canada’s Wonderland closed for October 26th police were called to the parking lot due to two men being stabbed, Kevin Ramkalawan died on the scene after being stabbed & the other individual stabbed is still in hospital recovering from life threatening injuries.


Luckily the man who stabbed these two men, T’Neal David Ayodeji-Dannal has now been charged with second degree murder & attempted murder, he will now spend the next twenty five years to life in prison. T’Neal is only eighteen years old so he will be able to be convicted as an adult. It has been more than half a month and law enforcement were unsure if they were going to be able to find the person who committed these crimes.

This event has caused major trauma just not for the families involved with this stabbing but also for people who saw this man die on the scene. Young children attend Halloween Haunt, the special Halloween Event held on the weekends in October at Canada’s Wonderland. It was said that multiple young children ranging from ten years of age to sixteen saw this horrific event, some of them being there to see the event fully take place.

The York Regional Police Homicide Unit has been asking that if anyone has any more information regarding this stabbing or anyone else who might be involved with what happened on October 26th, 2014 at Canada’s Wonderland to inform them immediately.

Canada’s Wonderland

Canada’s Wonderland is the largest theme park located in the country of Canada, it is also the only recognizable theme park located in Canada. Today Canada’s Wonderland revealed that they are re-building their water park from the ground up as their current water park doesn’t mead updated codes made in early October. This is why Canada’s Wonderland will be making new additions to The Plunge, The Lazy River, Super Soaker, Splash Works & the Body Blast.


There is also going to be a brand new water slide called the “Typhoon”. It’s a thrilling new slide that will have hairpin turns and oscillating funnels in order to make the experience that much more enjoyable for those attending the water park. This new slide will also have state of the arc security protocols in order to protect children who are riding the new Typhoon Water Slide.

There is no word if Canada’s Wonderland will also be building a new roller coaster this year. They’ve run out of space in their park which means that they would have to tear down one of the wooden roller coasters in order to make way for a new roller coaster. We will inform you of any new additions or rides making their way to Canada’s Wonderland in the 2015 season.
Currently those who wish to attend Canada’s Wonderland can do so for one more weekend between the 31st and the 2nd of November. The reason for this is because of Halloween Haunt, when the park is designed to resemble spooky Halloween.

Disney World

Frozen, the most popular Disney to date and the largest grossing animated film in the world will soon be getting its own attraction at Walt Disney World. This Frozen attraction will be built at Epcot in Orlando, Florida at the Norway Pavilion which is located in Walt Disney World. This future Frozen attraction will be replacing the Maelstrom Boat Ride.


This attraction is being designed to take guests through an adventure in the fictional world of Arendelle, it’ll recreate moments and music from the film to bring this world to life. There will also be an area where fans of the film may meet some of the movie characters like sisters Anna & Elsa. Frozen is also going to be a major part of the holiday activities that Disney has every year around Christmas, these activities take place in the Magic Kingdom Park. The Cinderella Castle is going to be turned into the ice palace from the movie and the Christmas Time Parade will have appearances made by Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Elsa.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Disney is making Frozen such a pinnacle part of their holiday activities and their amusement park. Disney already is working on a 2015 special for the Frozen franchise where we’ll see our favorite characters plan Elsa’s birthday. On top of that Disney is also working on a sequel to Frozen, you can expect this one film to turn into a massive franchise for Disney.

We’ll inform you of when new information is released regarding Disney’s holiday events or the construction of this new Frozen Attraction.

Star Wars Attractions

Star Wars was purchased early on in 2013 by Disney. This buy out cost Disney a total of $4 Billion Dollars but the result is that their investment will be returned to them tenfold throughout the next decade. Already Disney is developing new video games based around Star Wars, their developing new Star Wars films with the first one almost completed filming and their also designing new cartoon Star Wars films as well. Disney revealed this month that they will be adding a series of Star Wars Attractions to their theme parks throughout the world.


Disney openly said that they have plans to make new additions to their theme parks which would be Indiana Jones themed and Star Wars themed. This is obviously to compete with Orlando Studios which owns the rights to the Harry Potter theme park which has been pulling a large amount of business away from Disney.

Though being able to enter the Death Star and roam the halls of the Jedi Order would be some of the best experiences known to man. It would allow for Disney to once again reign supreme in the theme park industry. These theme parks are said to begin production in the upcoming weeks with Disney hoping to open them up to the general public by the time of the release of the new Star Wars Film.

The new Star Wars film will re-unite the old stars from the original series and also bring on new characters. Our beloved fans will be fighting what is left of the Empire.

National Corvette Museum

The National Corvette Museum located in Kentucky was unfortunately devastated by a sinkhole which took away some of the most classic Corvette’s known to history in February. Obviously being an unknown phenomenon which could be extremely dangerous, officials wanted to make this sinkhole an attraction which would bring more visitors to their museum and thus by allow for the museum to earn more money. Those who witnessed this event said that the Corvette’s that fell into the sinkhole looked like Matchbox Cars by the time they had stopped falling to their demise.

National Corvette Museum

“We really wanted to preserve a portion of the hole so that guests for years to come could see a little bit of what it was like, but after receiving more detailed pricing, the cost outweighs the benefit. It would put the museum in a position where we wouldn’t be able to turn a profit for another decade, that profit being estimated by the maximum number of tickets being sold per day. This along with the mass amount of safety hazards that could come with making this sinkhole an attraction lead us to not making the sinkhole an attraction” Wendell Strode, the museum’s executive director, told AP.

None the less the sinkhole has yet to be completely filled up as of right now in the National Corvette Museum. This means that visitors can still see the sinkhole until it is completely filled up with dirt, concrete and various supporting devices such as rhubarb wire.

The Leviathan The 5th Best Coaster In North America

USA Today recently did an article where they showcased the top ten roller coasters in Northern America (USA – Canada). Everyone expected that there wouldn’t be one Canadian Coaster to make the list but to everyone’s surprise the Leviathan, a roller coaster located at Canada’s Wonderland near Toronto, was rated the fifth best roller coaster in all of Northern America.

Canada's wonderland

Canada’s Wonderland is one of three theme parks located in Canada. They were the first theme park in Canada and they still to this day remain the most popular theme park in Canada. The reason for this is because Canada’s Wonderland is located roughly twenty minutes outside of Toronto, Ontario. Toronto being the largest city in Canada. Millions upon millions of people flock to Canada’s Wonderland every summer to experience the various attraction they have to offer. The Leviathan is the latest roller coaster to come out of Canada’s Wonderland, it has become so famous that Negative G-Force Junkies have traveled from the USA to Canada to experience the Leviathan.

The Leviathan is an incredible coaster that goes a maximum of 306 feet in the air, the track for this coaster is 5486 Feet. This adrenaline pumping roller coaster also drops by eighty degree’s at the insane speed of ninety two miles per hour. It is by far the fastest roller coaster in Canada. You can go to Canada’s Wonderland and experience this coaster, instead of waiting hours in the line you can buy a special pass which lets you avoid the lines. This means you can experience this coaster round after round while everyone else waits for an hour or more.

Silver Dollar City Closing Geyser Gulch

Silver Dollar City in Missouri is one of the more popular theme parks in the United States of America. People from all around the nation flock to this theme park every summer in order to experience the incredible roller coasters and attractions they offer. This park has been in operation since May 1st, 1960. Ever since then with each passing year their popularity increases, since 1997 they’ve offered the famed attraction “Geyser Gulch”. Unfortunately this will be the last summer that you can experience this beloved attraction for Silver Dollar City has announced that they will be closing this attraction for good come the end of this year’s season.


The Gulch is officially shutting down its doors on Sunday, August 3rd. Silver Dollar City has tried to put their fans minds at ease by telling them that their taking down this attraction in order to make way for something bigger and better. There are many who don’t know what The Gulch. It’s a theme park attraction that consists of slides, water guns and various other water park attractions. Theme parks all around the world have followed by their example and created their own versions of The Gulch. Canada’s Wonderland has done this, every Six Flags offers their own version of The Gulch and various other theme parks around the world also followed by SDC’s example.

Silver Dollar City has yet to reveal as to what is replacing The Gulch. People suspect that their making for either a new water park or a new rollercoaster. Regardless you can expect a great new attraction to come from SDC.

Frozen Attraction

It was recently revealed that Disney Land would be getting a new attraction for their visitors to enjoy. This new attraction will be designed around the new film property Frozen which has become ten times more famous then Tangled or any of the other Disney movies. The reason as to why Frozen has become so popular is because it’s the first Disney Movie that focused on current issues in the world such as divorce and more. This movie hit home to a large amount of its viewers which is why it has become so widely popular around the world. Also with the help of Vine and other social media outlets the song “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” has also allowed for the movie to be viewed by people who have never even watched a Disney Movie.

Disneyland Park logo

Robert A. Iger is the Chief Executive Officer at Disney Land and today he revealed the following, “It is a thrill to announce that we are creating a series of new Frozen Attractions within Disney Land. One of the new attractions will be a roller coaster designed around the winter season, we plan to make the Frozen Rollercoaster one of the largest in our park as well. This in return will allow for people who have yet to watch the movie but want to go on the rollercoaster learn about Frozen. Disney has already said that it plans to make Frozen a trilogy series of movies, creating a series of attractions based around the movie property only made sense.”

It is unclear as to when they attractions will be opened to the public.

Diagon Alley Attraction Opens

Comcast is one of the largest companies operating within the United States. They own NBC Universal which is one of the largest Television Broadcasting Stations in the world. They showcase The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live, Community, The Voice, Days of Our Lives, Parks and Reaction and Revolution. These are just some of the shows that they offer to their millions upon millions of viewers.

comcast logo

Comcast has been hard as work creating a Harry Potter world within Universal Studios. Previously they had the Hogwarts Express, Oliverander Wands, a Brewery and plenty more. Universal Studios and Comcast have now created Diagon Alley at Universal Studios. This is the biggest undertaking to ever occur at Universal Studios, costing Universal Studios millions upon millions of dollars. This investment will be returned to them at Billions of people around the world love Harry Potter and will flock to the Alley Way in order to feel like they have entered into the world of Harry Potter.

Universal Studios CEO Ronald Meyer said the following, “It is a thrill to watch the world of Harry Potter be created before your eyes. I was nearly sixty when these films first arrived on the scene and I watched children all around the world fall in love with its unique magical effects. I knew that once I became CEO of Universal Studios it would be the main goal to recreate the world of Harry Potter on the Universal Studios Property.”