Indiana Jones Themed Rides to Come to Disneyland

Indiana Jones is the other beloved character portrayed by Harrison Ford. In total there have only been four films set in the Indiana Jones universe, the fourth installment “The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” was met to pour reviews and a pour boxing office opening. Since then Indy has somewhat been out of the picture but due to Disney purchasing LucasArts, they now also own Indiana Jones. The company is planning on rebooting the series, unfortunately no details regarding the reboot have been released. Luckily it has now been revealed that Disney will be creating a series of Indiana Jones themed rides in Disneyland & Disneyworld in the upcoming year.


These future rides are shrouded around in mystery expect for one. Disney has let out one secret about one ride, it’ll be a roller coaster built into the new “Star Wars” themed park is Disney. This rollercoaster will see the famed giant boulder following them throughout the ride, edging closer and closer with each second. The lights are also said to be turned off for the majority of the ride while various animations & physical effects from the movie will appear throughout the duration of the ride.

This sounds like an exciting rollercoaster, as Disney becomes more of a powerhouse operator in Hollywood they’ve become to appeal to older audiences. It seems that this rollercoaster plans to have things for both children and adults to enjoy. Regardless, Disneyland & Disneyworld still sell out tickets most of the year due to their immense popularity, adding these additions to the park will only further its popularity around the world.