Disney World Reveals Star Wars Attractions

Disney World in Orlando, Florida is considered to be the best theme park in the world. It’s is by far the largest, spanning more than twenty-five thousand acres. Today it has been revealed by this astonishing theme park that a couple of new Star Wars Attractions have arrived to the park. These attractions were released directly alongside the film “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”.

Disney World

These new attractions are centered around an entire courtyard filled with everything Star Wars. There’ll be a video game centre which’ll consist of virtual reality games operated via the Oculus Rift, there’ll be an array of PS3 & PS4 Titles for fans to enjoy as well as purchase in the numerous gift stores which’ll be directed to everything Star Wars. There is also going to be a movie theatre which’ll show off a snippet version of the films in order to entice viewers to purchase the full films. A motion simulator is also available to be enjoyed which’ll take fans throughout various locations in the Star Wars universe.

Later on in the month Disney World in Florida as well as Disneyland is California are planning to reveal Star-Wars themed lands in the not so distant future. What this’ll mean is that acres of new property have been purchased & is being designed to resemble locations in the universe. Disney World is Florida plans to design a new landscape never before seen at a theme park. Post-Production pictures have been revealed & it feels as if your located on a hanger in Naboo.