Canada Gains 2 New UNESCO Attractions

Canada is one of the largest countries in the globe, it stands as a the crown to the Northern American Continent and today it appears that this vast landscape of a country is gaining two new UNESCO Global Parks. The first one will be Stonehammer is Southern New Brunswick, once a Geopark of Canada it’ll now become a UNESCO Global Geopark which’ll bring in people from all around the globe to enjoy its beauty. The second is Tumbler Ridge in North Eastern British Columbia, both are famous for their immense beauty.


It’s someone funny that both parks are on opposite sides of the country. They’ve been chosen in order to show the people of the world that Canada is a country that is diverse in scenery, each province resembles a different location on the globe. Stonehammer is famous for its vast cliffs, stone carvings and buildings, there are caves and more to be enjoyed. Tumbler Ridge on the other hand is a vast rolling field that consists of thousands of miles of forest. These diverse Geoparks are now just one of many located in the country.

These are geoparks in over thirty three different countries, each of them provide a unique landscape into our world and its vast beauty. It wasn’t until a few years ago that they parks started becoming global, they used to be condensed into only Europe and China. Luckily this is no longer the case and UNESCO plans to immerse the people of the world in its almighty beauty via their geoparks.