Wild Life Video Game Attraction

Wild Life is a brand new video game making its way to the video game industry. This is a game that for the first time in more than a decade feels truly original. Instead of fighting off against some pointless enemy, running through an inactive open world or leveling up characters. Wild life puts players into the largest open world ever seen before, an open world that has wild life and every creature you could possibly imagine roaming the lands.

Wild Life

This new attraction doesn’t have you try to defeat some all-powerful enemy but instead has players become a part of this world through nature, peace and healing. The shaman character will take those who love open world games on a new adventure that’s never before been seen. Crows, rabbits, bears, fish and every creature imaginable act as weapons. These creatures and you create a world full of action and thrills.

Unfortunately this game is receiving some backlash due to the fact that it’s a game that immerses players into a world of nature & freedom. Why provide the youth of today and tomorrow with a game such as this when other efforts could be taken so that the youth can enjoy the real world all around them. None the less this game is already becoming one of the most anticipated on late 2016. It’s being credited with being the first original game to ever be played on a video game console in the last decade. There is no word as to when the specific release date for this game is.