Northern America Halloween Attractions

Northern America takes their holidays seriously, entire industries are born from these various holidays ranging from Christmas to Halloween to Valentine’s Day. Halloween takes the cake though as everyone goes all out for this fun holiday. There are various attractions that can be enjoyed throughout Canada & the USA.

Halloween Attractions

In Canada there is “Canada’s Wonderland’s Halloween Haunt” and in Northern America every Six Flags in the United States of America holds “Fear Fest”. These theme parks become a nightmare in a matter of hours. There is dozens of scary clowns, ghouls and goblins to create screams throughout the crowds. There are dozens of elaborate haunted houses that’ll provide a chill with every corner. There are other attractions to be held, one of them is at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana. They have twelve acres of corn mazes that are all connected with one another. Two hundred and fifty employee’s wander throughout the corn mazes with fake chainsaws and more.

Regardless of wherever you go, one place or another will have dozens of activities for children, young adults and adults to enjoy alike. Universal Studio’s holds dozens of different themed events including The Walking Dead, Insidious, and Alien vs. Predator. There is also a one time “Freddy vs. Jason” & “The Purge” night where things get beyond scary.

Choose your theme park and begin a Halloween adventure in the upcoming weeks. It should be noted that every one of these events will require a payment entrance fee upon arrival & more than likely a parking fee will be required as well.