Zoo to be penalized for horrific acts

So many people believe that Zoos are a safe haven for animals and mammals but in Northern America that is far from the case, instead these creates are often put on display and treated as if they were slaves. Many people such as PETA & the US Department of Agriculture try their hardest to ensure that these animals are safe and happy.

The Wild Things Zoo in Dade Country

The Wild Things Zoo in Dade Country, Florida is now being ripped a part by media and have begun to see a mass amount of profit being lost due to the fact that they are allowing for people to swim with baby tigers. At first people think well this can’t be a bad thing but tigers in general only like to swim for a cool dip, then they return back to land. Instead at this zoo they are forcing the baby lions to swim with humans, in a video that has now gone viral you can see the employee’s at the zoo forcing the lions to stay in the water even though they are crying immensely.

This has caused for the Department of Agriculture in the U.S.A and PETA to do everything in their power to ensure that these cubs are no longer looked at by “The Wild Thing Zoo” and it’s very possibly that they could lose their license to operate if the rest of the animals are found to be treated in a poor way. Luckily it’s good to see that these lions won’t have to hopefully deal with the ignorance of humans for a long time.