Game of Thrones Ice Wall Staying In Ireland

Game of Thrones now stands as one of the most popular television shows in history, it’s even more popular than the likes of “The Walking Dead”. The sixth season of this show has just begun to be filmed and one of the film locations known as the “Ice Wall” will be more than likely remaining within Northern Ireland.

Game of Thrones Ice Wall

This set is one of the largest to ever be built of a movie or television series, it spans miles in distance and looks as if it is truly made out of ice. Being made entirely out of steel beams and concrete this facility would also be incredibly hard to take down as well as it could withstand the horrible weather for decades to a millennia. Local councillors requested that the ice wall remain on the shores of the Irish Sea in hopes that’ll be trademarked as a massive tourist attraction, potentially allowing for a major growth in the tourism industry for the city as Game of Thrones has fans who are be love the books, show, actors and scene locations behind the culture phenomenon.

Unfortunately as of right now there isn’t any word as to when or if HBO will allow for this wall to remain within Ireland. There is no way for them to sell the set, it’d just require that Ireland keep the facility up to date in order to still make it appealing to look at throughout the rough seasons Ireland enjoys each year. None the less for the foreseeable future this ice wall will be remaining where she stands.