Canada’s Wonderland Latest Attraction is Typhoon

Canada’s Wonderland is one of the few theme parks in Canada that can resemble that of Six Flags or Universal Studios. This year instead of focusing on a new rollercoaster just as they did in 2014 & 2013 with the Leviathan & the Behemoth, Wonderland has decided to create a new attraction to their water park. This new attraction being called “Typhoon”.

Canada’s Wonderland

Typhoon is an incredible water slide to say the least. There are four different swirls, two of each one of the Typhoon slides. As wonderland ventures go down the slide they’ll go through one swirl, down another slide and through another swirl until they reach the swimming pool with the final length of the slide. This is by far the best water attraction to come to Wonderland in years as it has been nearly a decade since they last begun to upgrade their water park.

Children also have a new little water park to enjoy called “Splash Station” which is an interactive kids water park designed for those children to experience an adventure. The Splash Station is a major upgrade compared to the previous children’s water park that still lies in the Canada’s Wonderland Water Park.
People living near this theme park can enjoy these new water attractions today as the water park was open not too long ago as was the rest of the theme park. Enjoy everything that Wonderland has to offer from their games to rides to the new waterpark!