World Trade Center

The New World Trade Center stands as a monument to the previous two towers that stood more than a decade ago. In the new world trade center there is a museum that people can attend to find out more about those lives saved and those heroes of September 11th, 2001. Today it was also revealed that another attraction will be coming to the new world trade center. There is an observation deck that is currently being built and will be released later on in the year for people to enjoy. This observation deck will essentially be the indoor version of the Empire State Building Observation Deck. You’ll be able to view all of Manhattan, Brooklyn & other famous areas around NYC.


There is no word as to when the specific release date will be for this observation deck. We do know that like the museum there will be different kinds of facts listed around the opposite wall of the windows for people to read as well. There will more than likely be a shop for people to purchase various items, this’ll be one of the new places to must attend when visiting New York City as a tourist. There will also be an admission price to enter this observation deck but the incredible view that you’ll see will be more than worth the small amount you’ll have to pay.

We shall inform you of the official release date on this observation deck when that date is revealed to the public. Until then you can attend “The New World Trade Center Museum”.