Arrest Made

The man who stabbed two young men in the Canada’s Wonderland stabbing on October 26th, 2014 has been found & arrested. Minutes after midnight when Canada’s Wonderland closed for October 26th police were called to the parking lot due to two men being stabbed, Kevin Ramkalawan died on the scene after being stabbed & the other individual stabbed is still in hospital recovering from life threatening injuries.


Luckily the man who stabbed these two men, T’Neal David Ayodeji-Dannal has now been charged with second degree murder & attempted murder, he will now spend the next twenty five years to life in prison. T’Neal is only eighteen years old so he will be able to be convicted as an adult. It has been more than half a month and law enforcement were unsure if they were going to be able to find the person who committed these crimes.

This event has caused major trauma just not for the families involved with this stabbing but also for people who saw this man die on the scene. Young children attend Halloween Haunt, the special Halloween Event held on the weekends in October at Canada’s Wonderland. It was said that multiple young children ranging from ten years of age to sixteen saw this horrific event, some of them being there to see the event fully take place.

The York Regional Police Homicide Unit has been asking that if anyone has any more information regarding this stabbing or anyone else who might be involved with what happened on October 26th, 2014 at Canada’s Wonderland to inform them immediately.