Star Wars Attractions

Star Wars was purchased early on in 2013 by Disney. This buy out cost Disney a total of $4 Billion Dollars but the result is that their investment will be returned to them tenfold throughout the next decade. Already Disney is developing new video games based around Star Wars, their developing new Star Wars films with the first one almost completed filming and their also designing new cartoon Star Wars films as well. Disney revealed this month that they will be adding a series of Star Wars Attractions to their theme parks throughout the world.


Disney openly said that they have plans to make new additions to their theme parks which would be Indiana Jones themed and Star Wars themed. This is obviously to compete with Orlando Studios which owns the rights to the Harry Potter theme park which has been pulling a large amount of business away from Disney.

Though being able to enter the Death Star and roam the halls of the Jedi Order would be some of the best experiences known to man. It would allow for Disney to once again reign supreme in the theme park industry. These theme parks are said to begin production in the upcoming weeks with Disney hoping to open them up to the general public by the time of the release of the new Star Wars Film.

The new Star Wars film will re-unite the old stars from the original series and also bring on new characters. Our beloved fans will be fighting what is left of the Empire.