The Leviathan The 5th Best Coaster In North America

USA Today recently did an article where they showcased the top ten roller coasters in Northern America (USA – Canada). Everyone expected that there wouldn’t be one Canadian Coaster to make the list but to everyone’s surprise the Leviathan, a roller coaster located at Canada’s Wonderland near Toronto, was rated the fifth best roller coaster in all of Northern America.

Canada's wonderland

Canada’s Wonderland is one of three theme parks located in Canada. They were the first theme park in Canada and they still to this day remain the most popular theme park in Canada. The reason for this is because Canada’s Wonderland is located roughly twenty minutes outside of Toronto, Ontario. Toronto being the largest city in Canada. Millions upon millions of people flock to Canada’s Wonderland every summer to experience the various attraction they have to offer. The Leviathan is the latest roller coaster to come out of Canada’s Wonderland, it has become so famous that Negative G-Force Junkies have traveled from the USA to Canada to experience the Leviathan.

The Leviathan is an incredible coaster that goes a maximum of 306 feet in the air, the track for this coaster is 5486 Feet. This adrenaline pumping roller coaster also drops by eighty degree’s at the insane speed of ninety two miles per hour. It is by far the fastest roller coaster in Canada. You can go to Canada’s Wonderland and experience this coaster, instead of waiting hours in the line you can buy a special pass which lets you avoid the lines. This means you can experience this coaster round after round while everyone else waits for an hour or more.