Silver Dollar City Closing Geyser Gulch

Silver Dollar City in Missouri is one of the more popular theme parks in the United States of America. People from all around the nation flock to this theme park every summer in order to experience the incredible roller coasters and attractions they offer. This park has been in operation since May 1st, 1960. Ever since then with each passing year their popularity increases, since 1997 they’ve offered the famed attraction “Geyser Gulch”. Unfortunately this will be the last summer that you can experience this beloved attraction for Silver Dollar City has announced that they will be closing this attraction for good come the end of this year’s season.


The Gulch is officially shutting down its doors on Sunday, August 3rd. Silver Dollar City has tried to put their fans minds at ease by telling them that their taking down this attraction in order to make way for something bigger and better. There are many who don’t know what The Gulch. It’s a theme park attraction that consists of slides, water guns and various other water park attractions. Theme parks all around the world have followed by their example and created their own versions of The Gulch. Canada’s Wonderland has done this, every Six Flags offers their own version of The Gulch and various other theme parks around the world also followed by SDC’s example.

Silver Dollar City has yet to reveal as to what is replacing The Gulch. People suspect that their making for either a new water park or a new rollercoaster. Regardless you can expect a great new attraction to come from SDC.