Frozen Attraction

It was recently revealed that Disney Land would be getting a new attraction for their visitors to enjoy. This new attraction will be designed around the new film property Frozen which has become ten times more famous then Tangled or any of the other Disney movies. The reason as to why Frozen has become so popular is because it’s the first Disney Movie that focused on current issues in the world such as divorce and more. This movie hit home to a large amount of its viewers which is why it has become so widely popular around the world. Also with the help of Vine and other social media outlets the song “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” has also allowed for the movie to be viewed by people who have never even watched a Disney Movie.

Disneyland Park logo

Robert A. Iger is the Chief Executive Officer at Disney Land and today he revealed the following, “It is a thrill to announce that we are creating a series of new Frozen Attractions within Disney Land. One of the new attractions will be a roller coaster designed around the winter season, we plan to make the Frozen Rollercoaster one of the largest in our park as well. This in return will allow for people who have yet to watch the movie but want to go on the rollercoaster learn about Frozen. Disney has already said that it plans to make Frozen a trilogy series of movies, creating a series of attractions based around the movie property only made sense.”

It is unclear as to when they attractions will be opened to the public.