Diagon Alley Attraction Opens

Comcast is one of the largest companies operating within the United States. They own NBC Universal which is one of the largest Television Broadcasting Stations in the world. They showcase The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live, Community, The Voice, Days of Our Lives, Parks and Reaction and Revolution. These are just some of the shows that they offer to their millions upon millions of viewers.

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Comcast has been hard as work creating a Harry Potter world within Universal Studios. Previously they had the Hogwarts Express, Oliverander Wands, a Brewery and plenty more. Universal Studios and Comcast have now created Diagon Alley at Universal Studios. This is the biggest undertaking to ever occur at Universal Studios, costing Universal Studios millions upon millions of dollars. This investment will be returned to them at Billions of people around the world love Harry Potter and will flock to the Alley Way in order to feel like they have entered into the world of Harry Potter.

Universal Studios CEO Ronald Meyer said the following, “It is a thrill to watch the world of Harry Potter be created before your eyes. I was nearly sixty when these films first arrived on the scene and I watched children all around the world fall in love with its unique magical effects. I knew that once I became CEO of Universal Studios it would be the main goal to recreate the world of Harry Potter on the Universal Studios Property.”