Playstation Plus Goes Down Due to Hackers

Playstation Plus, a service offered by Playstation which allows for Playstation 3 Gamers to download free video games and receive special content that makes for an incredible gaming experience went down today. A group of hackers took it upon themselves to attack various video game related companies earlier on this week, taking down the Call of Duty Ghosts online as well as Playstation Plus in the process.

Playstation Plus Membership

This is a massive hit to Sony Entertainment as this means Playstation Plus gamers won’t be able to play the games they’ve downloaded through the service. The reason for this is because any game downloaded for free by a Playstation Plus member cannot play the game after they’ve ended their Playstation Plus Membership, if the game can’t realize that you’re a PS Plus Member then you can’t play the game. Sony Entertainment, the creators behind Playstation Plus realized that this hack had occurred after they received a mass amount of backlash from Facebook Users and Twitter Users.

Once Sony Entertainment realized that their Playstation Plus Service had been hacked they took it upon themselves to find out how this happened, who did it and how it can be resolved. Unfortunately Sony couldn’t figure out how the hackers got onto their system of who they we’re but Sony was able to reverse the hack, thus by allowing for the PS Plus service to once again be used and for gamers to enjoy their free downloadable games.

Playstation Plus costs $50 a year, it allows for gamers to receive free games and use the online service for the Playstation 4.

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