Scarlett Johansson’s “Lucy” Is Incredible

Scarlett Johansson, more commonly known as her character from the Marvel Universe “Black Widow” appeared at WonderCon this year through a trailer for her new movie “Lucy”. The Director, Luc Besson showcased the first trailer for the movie at WonderCon. During the trailer you notice that Mr. Johansson’s character has been forced to take a super drug that allows for her to use more than 10% of her brain power. This in return gives her incredibly mental and physical abilities that she can’t grasp.

scarlett johansson

During the film she takes it upon herself to go on a quest that will be filled with death, blood and horror. The quest that Lucy goes on is to find the men who forced her this drug and make them pay for the actions they committed on her. The movie shows it’s sexy and action paced theme in one scene where Lucy gives a man a seductive look and then spreads her legs. As the man goes towards Lucy she takes his life, retrieves his gun and escapes from the cell where she’s been forced to stay.

The best thing about this film is that since Lucy can use 20% of her brain power she no longer needs to be concerned with religious beliefs, morality of sympathy. Once you access twenty percent of your brain power those feeling essentially disappear and you are made into a rational thinker, making every move by what it best for the long outcome. This in return makes for an exciting film that everyone should go see.

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