Captain America: The Winter Solider Still Remains As No. 1 Movie

Captain America: The Winter Solider, the sequel to marvels highly popular movie series “Captain America” continued to remain as the number one blockbuster movie for a third week in a row. During its third weekend in the theatres Captain America was able to bring in $26.6 Million. The film has crossed over the $200 Million mark alone within the United States of America. All together Captain America: The Winter Solider has been able to bring in $586.6 Million with that number rising every day.

captain america the winter soldier

Johnny Depp’s new movie “Transcendence” opened this week in the box office. Recently Mr. Depp has been under fire as an A-List actor due to two flops at the box office, the first being Dark Shadows and the second being The Lone Ranger. Transcendence marks the third film he’s been a part of that has become a flop at the box office with Transcendence only bringing in an estimated $11.2 Million. Transcendence was under a $100 Million production budget, if the movie doesn’t earn over $100 million dollars the studio behind the movie will lose a large amount of money.

Rio 2, the sequel to the highly popular cartoon movie came in second place at the box office this weekend. They were able to earn $22.5 Million, this marks the second week that the film has been in theatres. The third film, “Heaven is for real” was another opening movie for this weekend and they were able to earn $21.5 Million. A Haunted House 2, a movie from the Wayans brothers was only able to earn $9.1 Million on its debut.

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