Wall Street Fever Jackpot Awarded for $234,687

April Fools marks the day where everyone becomes a prankster looking to trick their best friends or make a funny joke. Often you can’t figure out what is real and what is fake on this day. One online gambler this April Fools was able to land on a jackpot and this jackpot win was no joke. He triggered the jackpot while playing Wall Street Fever, a Playtech slot and that’s when he won $234,687.

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Details for this jackpot win have yet to be made available to the media, we can confirm that this jackpot win was larger than the normal amount usually won through Wall Street Fever. On average this slot’s jackpot will pay out $136,364. This marks a massive increase in profit for the punter who triggered yesterdays $234,687 jackpot win.

Wall Street Fever is a video slot developed by Playtech. It designed around the harsh and busy lifestyle that stock brokers must live on a daily basis. When playing this slot you notice different stock brokers expressing their facial experiences, each facial expression is either someone smiling because they earned money or frowning because they have just lost money. Symbol wise you see dollar bills, coins, Televisions, Computer Monitors, the Wall Street Sign, Telephones, Skulls and more. Feature wise you will be able to experience multipliers and wilds through Wall Street Fever.

We will continue to inform you on any updates pertaining towards this jackpot win. There is no information on who the winning punter is or which casino this jackpot was triggered at.

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