Gambling Domain Seizure Case Halted By Kentucky Court

The State Court of Appeals for Kentucky has put a case which involved the seizure of 132 International gambling domain websites on hold earlier on this week. The courts ruled that the Interactive Gaming Council has the right to be involved with every aspect of this case.

The ruling came from a panel of three judges and these judges noted that the attorneys involved in this case treated the domain owners as a group but is now looking for the opportunity to have each individuals owner trailed. This way the Interactive Gaming Council could not become involved in the case. Either way the attorneys won’t get what they want as the courts ruled that any case involved with these domains will have evidence from the Interactive Gaming Council. This has made the attorneys involved in the case upset as they will now not be able to protect the identities of their client.

Judge Allison wrote in the court’s ruling the following: The Commonwealth will not turn the tables of this case and the attorneys will have to represent all the owners as a group just as they once wanted to. It will take far too much time in the courts to trail each one of the owners of these illegal gambling domain websites. Until the time where the attorneys feel it is best to return to courts with a group trailing the case will be put on hold.”

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