Delaware And Nevada Form New Online Poker Pact

On Tuesday, February 25th the Governors for the states of Nevada and Delaware signed a new compact deal that will allow for online poker players to enjoy the experiences of poker games based in each one of these states.

The deal which was signed by Brain Sandoval, the Nevada Governor and Jack Markell, the Delaware Governor. The goal for this compact is to gain an increased amount of poker players and hopefully make a larger revenue. Earlier on in the week Delaware announced that their online gambling profits are falling which is why they made a deal such as this one.

Mr. Sandoval commented on the deal that was just made saying, “We are standing in a moment of history as our right now. Not only has online gambling become legal in three states but those states are now collaborating with one another to bring a more extensive gambling experience. This shows that the federal government cannot stop the onslaught that is online gambling.”

He continued on by saying, “I see this as nothing more than an opportunity for both of our states. It shows that we are leaders in the industry and it will be great for players as the gaming experience will increase. It also helps the businesses running these gambling services and it will help increase the economy of both of our states. We hope that this new deal that we just made will serve as a model fot future states that will offer legalized online gambling.”

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