eCOGRA Approved As Testing Laboratory In Bulgaria

The State Gambling Commission in Bulgaria announced that they have approved eCOGRA as an acceptable testing lab for online gambling firms looking to enter the Bulgarian online gambling market.

eCOGRA had to go through an assessment program in Bulgaria in order to be passed through as the testing lab that they are today. eCOGRA now has the ability to certify any third party operators into the country. The operators that do want to enter the online gambling market in Bulgaria will be able to do so by following a strict set of rules created by eCOGRA and the Bulgarian government.

The Head Director for eCOGRA, Tex Rees, commented on the companies approval saying, “The application that all third party operators have to complete allows for us to see if the operator is honorable and professional in their operations. If the operator completes the application and we find they are honorable enough to operate within Bulgaria they’ll have to abide by a strict set of rules we have created. Any operator that breaks those rules will lose their gambling license and will be banned from operating in Bulgaria.”

eCOGRA has been the online gambling markets best licensing provider. Everyone who runs under the eCOGRA Gambling License is considered to be a professional online casino that won’t do anything to harm their players. There has only been a small number of casino operators who have broken the eCOGRA rules and regulations. Those who did break the rules lost their eCOGRA gambling license and were forced out of operation.

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