Diamond Valley Jackpot Won, $135,421 Triggered

Playtech has stood as one of the best software developers of online casino games for more than a decade now. Every video slot or casino game they released is considered to be high quality and is instantly played by thousands of people all across the world. Playtech competes with various other software developers such as Microgaming and Net Entertainment but Playtech has always stood as the number one developer compared to all of the others.

One of the most beloved games developed by Playtech is “Diamond Valley” a 5 reel, 5 payline video slot designed around the life of various birds. The background centred around the reels consists of a large mountain that looks like Mount Everest. You’ll also see a large bird with a bone in his mouth. Symbols on the reels consist of a purple bird, a jewelry box, money symbols, a golden tooth and so much more.

One lucky punter was able to trigger the progressive jackpot on Diamond Valley earlier on this week. That lucky online punter triggered a jackpot worth $135,421. There hasn’t been any details released on this jackpot win as the win was only triggered two days ago.

When the details for this jackpot win are released you can be ensured that will update you on the win. We can tell you that this jackpot win is considerably larger than the normal jackpot that is triggered on Diamond Valley. Normally you’d see a jackpot win of $71,015 through this video slot. We congratulate the jackpot winner and we hope that they spend their win wisely.

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