Gold Rally Jackpot Triggered Twice In One Week

Earlier on this month we reported on a progressive jackpot worth more than $6,000,000 being triggered at the Playtech slot “Gold Rally”. A second jackpot has been triggered within less than one week after the $6,347,119 jackpot was triggered. This lucky player was able to win a jackpot worth $277,230. This only shows that Gold Rally is an active slot that has its progressive jackpot that increase at a very fast pace.

Details on this new progressive jackpot win have yet to been released. Our jackpot tracker system shows that this jackpot win is below average which is a given due to the $6,347,119 jackpot that was triggered only a few days earlier. That alone was unexpected and nice to see being it was so close to the end of the year when most people see their expenses increase due to gift giving.

No information has been released on the winner or what they plan on doing with their jackpot win. As more information is released about this story will keep you updated. Gold Rally is one of the better Playtech slots. Currently there is a hundreds casino games available under the Playtech software. There include all spectrums of casino games from slots to video poker and all those in-between. The software is designed well and players will find casinos using the Playtech software are professional and operate to a high standard.

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