New Jersey Approval List Declines PokerStars Again

The legalization of online gambling in New Jersey is coming into full effect as the end of the month. Famous poker internet firm PokerStars still hasn’t been given their approval to operate within the state. Industry leaders suspect that there is an underlying reasons as to why PokerStars hasn’t been given the A Okay yet.

Earlier on in the year PokerStars tried to purchase the “Atlantic Club Casino“. They failed in their attempts to do so, instead PokerStars is now patterning up with the “Resorts Hotel Casino”. This will once again give PokerStars the opportunity to operate within the State of New Jersey but before they can do so they’ll have to be approved by the State. Industry leaders believe that if they weren’t approved the first time they won’t be approved the second time. It is suspected that the issue that is stopping New Jersey from approving PokerStars is all of the times they’ve been caught of money laundering.

It has been a couple of years since PokerStars has done anything like that so some industry leaders have suggested that the paper work they handed in for approval is wrong. This can easily be fixed by PokerStars and “Resorts Hotel Casino” within a few days. PokerStars wasn’t the only big name to be declined of operation in New Jersey, the second ones to be declined is Caesars Entertainment.

As always we will keep you updated on any new information that arises about this story.

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