The Gaming Plc Having Hard Times

One of the biggest mobile gaming companies Gaming Plc has had a bit of concern for their company over the last couple of months due to their net losses. Their losses exceeded over one million Euros. There is hope for the company though as a light at the end of the tunnel can be seen in the distance on the AIM exchange in London.

Founder and CEO Roger Smit of Gaming Plc has openly said that he intends to use the new capital gain by inventing his money into more markets which will attract a larger brand of players.
The company is more than happy for the WannaGaming Brand. This brand has created relationships with some of the biggest gaming software companies including Microgaming, Spin3 and more. This has allowed for their mobile gambling products to be high quality, provide players with good banking services and also it has allowed Gaming Plc to offer a 24/7 Customer Service option as well.

Gaming Plc will be able to get up off of their feat due to the AIM Exchange. There is a good potential that the company will once again be able to become one of the biggest mobile gaming developers and be in financial stability at the same time.

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