Indiana Jones Themed Rides to Come to Disneyland

Indiana Jones is the other beloved character portrayed by Harrison Ford. In total there have only been four films set in the Indiana Jones universe, the fourth installment “The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” was met to pour reviews and a pour boxing office opening. Since then Indy has somewhat been out of the picture but due to Disney purchasing LucasArts, they now also own Indiana Jones. The company is planning on rebooting the series, unfortunately no details regarding the reboot have been released. Luckily it has now been revealed that Disney will be creating a series of Indiana Jones themed rides in Disneyland & Disneyworld in the upcoming year.


These future rides are shrouded around in mystery expect for one. Disney has let out one secret about one ride, it’ll be a roller coaster built into the new “Star Wars” themed park is Disney. This rollercoaster will see the famed giant boulder following them throughout the ride, edging closer and closer with each second. The lights are also said to be turned off for the majority of the ride while various animations & physical effects from the movie will appear throughout the duration of the ride.

This sounds like an exciting rollercoaster, as Disney becomes more of a powerhouse operator in Hollywood they’ve become to appeal to older audiences. It seems that this rollercoaster plans to have things for both children and adults to enjoy. Regardless, Disneyland & Disneyworld still sell out tickets most of the year due to their immense popularity, adding these additions to the park will only further its popularity around the world.

Disney World Reveals Star Wars Attractions

Disney World in Orlando, Florida is considered to be the best theme park in the world. It’s is by far the largest, spanning more than twenty-five thousand acres. Today it has been revealed by this astonishing theme park that a couple of new Star Wars Attractions have arrived to the park. These attractions were released directly alongside the film “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”.

Disney World

These new attractions are centered around an entire courtyard filled with everything Star Wars. There’ll be a video game centre which’ll consist of virtual reality games operated via the Oculus Rift, there’ll be an array of PS3 & PS4 Titles for fans to enjoy as well as purchase in the numerous gift stores which’ll be directed to everything Star Wars. There is also going to be a movie theatre which’ll show off a snippet version of the films in order to entice viewers to purchase the full films. A motion simulator is also available to be enjoyed which’ll take fans throughout various locations in the Star Wars universe.

Later on in the month Disney World in Florida as well as Disneyland is California are planning to reveal Star-Wars themed lands in the not so distant future. What this’ll mean is that acres of new property have been purchased & is being designed to resemble locations in the universe. Disney World is Florida plans to design a new landscape never before seen at a theme park. Post-Production pictures have been revealed & it feels as if your located on a hanger in Naboo.

Canada Gains 2 New UNESCO Attractions

Canada is one of the largest countries in the globe, it stands as a the crown to the Northern American Continent and today it appears that this vast landscape of a country is gaining two new UNESCO Global Parks. The first one will be Stonehammer is Southern New Brunswick, once a Geopark of Canada it’ll now become a UNESCO Global Geopark which’ll bring in people from all around the globe to enjoy its beauty. The second is Tumbler Ridge in North Eastern British Columbia, both are famous for their immense beauty.


It’s someone funny that both parks are on opposite sides of the country. They’ve been chosen in order to show the people of the world that Canada is a country that is diverse in scenery, each province resembles a different location on the globe. Stonehammer is famous for its vast cliffs, stone carvings and buildings, there are caves and more to be enjoyed. Tumbler Ridge on the other hand is a vast rolling field that consists of thousands of miles of forest. These diverse Geoparks are now just one of many located in the country.

These are geoparks in over thirty three different countries, each of them provide a unique landscape into our world and its vast beauty. It wasn’t until a few years ago that they parks started becoming global, they used to be condensed into only Europe and China. Luckily this is no longer the case and UNESCO plans to immerse the people of the world in its almighty beauty via their geoparks.

Wild Life Video Game Attraction

Wild Life is a brand new video game making its way to the video game industry. This is a game that for the first time in more than a decade feels truly original. Instead of fighting off against some pointless enemy, running through an inactive open world or leveling up characters. Wild life puts players into the largest open world ever seen before, an open world that has wild life and every creature you could possibly imagine roaming the lands.

Wild Life

This new attraction doesn’t have you try to defeat some all-powerful enemy but instead has players become a part of this world through nature, peace and healing. The shaman character will take those who love open world games on a new adventure that’s never before been seen. Crows, rabbits, bears, fish and every creature imaginable act as weapons. These creatures and you create a world full of action and thrills.

Unfortunately this game is receiving some backlash due to the fact that it’s a game that immerses players into a world of nature & freedom. Why provide the youth of today and tomorrow with a game such as this when other efforts could be taken so that the youth can enjoy the real world all around them. None the less this game is already becoming one of the most anticipated on late 2016. It’s being credited with being the first original game to ever be played on a video game console in the last decade. There is no word as to when the specific release date for this game is.

Northern America Halloween Attractions

Northern America takes their holidays seriously, entire industries are born from these various holidays ranging from Christmas to Halloween to Valentine’s Day. Halloween takes the cake though as everyone goes all out for this fun holiday. There are various attractions that can be enjoyed throughout Canada & the USA.

Halloween Attractions

In Canada there is “Canada’s Wonderland’s Halloween Haunt” and in Northern America every Six Flags in the United States of America holds “Fear Fest”. These theme parks become a nightmare in a matter of hours. There is dozens of scary clowns, ghouls and goblins to create screams throughout the crowds. There are dozens of elaborate haunted houses that’ll provide a chill with every corner. There are other attractions to be held, one of them is at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana. They have twelve acres of corn mazes that are all connected with one another. Two hundred and fifty employee’s wander throughout the corn mazes with fake chainsaws and more.

Regardless of wherever you go, one place or another will have dozens of activities for children, young adults and adults to enjoy alike. Universal Studio’s holds dozens of different themed events including The Walking Dead, Insidious, and Alien vs. Predator. There is also a one time “Freddy vs. Jason” & “The Purge” night where things get beyond scary.

Choose your theme park and begin a Halloween adventure in the upcoming weeks. It should be noted that every one of these events will require a payment entrance fee upon arrival & more than likely a parking fee will be required as well.

Zoo to be penalized for horrific acts

So many people believe that Zoos are a safe haven for animals and mammals but in Northern America that is far from the case, instead these creates are often put on display and treated as if they were slaves. Many people such as PETA & the US Department of Agriculture try their hardest to ensure that these animals are safe and happy.

The Wild Things Zoo in Dade Country

The Wild Things Zoo in Dade Country, Florida is now being ripped a part by media and have begun to see a mass amount of profit being lost due to the fact that they are allowing for people to swim with baby tigers. At first people think well this can’t be a bad thing but tigers in general only like to swim for a cool dip, then they return back to land. Instead at this zoo they are forcing the baby lions to swim with humans, in a video that has now gone viral you can see the employee’s at the zoo forcing the lions to stay in the water even though they are crying immensely.

This has caused for the Department of Agriculture in the U.S.A and PETA to do everything in their power to ensure that these cubs are no longer looked at by “The Wild Thing Zoo” and it’s very possibly that they could lose their license to operate if the rest of the animals are found to be treated in a poor way. Luckily it’s good to see that these lions won’t have to hopefully deal with the ignorance of humans for a long time.

Game of Thrones Ice Wall Staying In Ireland

Game of Thrones now stands as one of the most popular television shows in history, it’s even more popular than the likes of “The Walking Dead”. The sixth season of this show has just begun to be filmed and one of the film locations known as the “Ice Wall” will be more than likely remaining within Northern Ireland.

Game of Thrones Ice Wall

This set is one of the largest to ever be built of a movie or television series, it spans miles in distance and looks as if it is truly made out of ice. Being made entirely out of steel beams and concrete this facility would also be incredibly hard to take down as well as it could withstand the horrible weather for decades to a millennia. Local councillors requested that the ice wall remain on the shores of the Irish Sea in hopes that’ll be trademarked as a massive tourist attraction, potentially allowing for a major growth in the tourism industry for the city as Game of Thrones has fans who are be love the books, show, actors and scene locations behind the culture phenomenon.

Unfortunately as of right now there isn’t any word as to when or if HBO will allow for this wall to remain within Ireland. There is no way for them to sell the set, it’d just require that Ireland keep the facility up to date in order to still make it appealing to look at throughout the rough seasons Ireland enjoys each year. None the less for the foreseeable future this ice wall will be remaining where she stands.

Disneyland Considering $1B Expansion

The famed & beloved national treasure theme park known as “Disneyland” announced that they are considering on a $1 billion expansion of the park. This would include a variety of new rides, theme parks and attractions that’ll surely not just bring new customers to the park but old ones as well. Unfortunately in order for this deal to pass through the Walt Disney Company is asking the Anaheim, the city in which Disneyland is located in is asking that they forgo any taxes on theme park admission tickets for the next three decades.


This isn’t much to ask as the $1 billion expansion would earn the city millions just on its land tax of the new property that Walt Disney Co. would own. If they allow for this to be the case then a new parking structure with 5,000 spots would be created and other improvements to the rest of the park would also be made. The City Council is deciding on this matter on July 7th but there are no guarantees of this deal happening as the previous entertainment exemption tax that Walt Disney Co. started back in 1996 expires on June 30th, 2016. This being a year away means that it wouldn’t be another thirty one years until Disney would have to pay this tax.

None the less this deal will more than likely pan through as the city council knows how much money Disneyland could bring in for just not the city but the county as well with a new expansion. We shall keep you posted as to what happens.

Canada’s Wonderland Latest Attraction is Typhoon

Canada’s Wonderland is one of the few theme parks in Canada that can resemble that of Six Flags or Universal Studios. This year instead of focusing on a new rollercoaster just as they did in 2014 & 2013 with the Leviathan & the Behemoth, Wonderland has decided to create a new attraction to their water park. This new attraction being called “Typhoon”.

Canada’s Wonderland

Typhoon is an incredible water slide to say the least. There are four different swirls, two of each one of the Typhoon slides. As wonderland ventures go down the slide they’ll go through one swirl, down another slide and through another swirl until they reach the swimming pool with the final length of the slide. This is by far the best water attraction to come to Wonderland in years as it has been nearly a decade since they last begun to upgrade their water park.

Children also have a new little water park to enjoy called “Splash Station” which is an interactive kids water park designed for those children to experience an adventure. The Splash Station is a major upgrade compared to the previous children’s water park that still lies in the Canada’s Wonderland Water Park.
People living near this theme park can enjoy these new water attractions today as the water park was open not too long ago as was the rest of the theme park. Enjoy everything that Wonderland has to offer from their games to rides to the new waterpark!

World Trade Center

The New World Trade Center stands as a monument to the previous two towers that stood more than a decade ago. In the new world trade center there is a museum that people can attend to find out more about those lives saved and those heroes of September 11th, 2001. Today it was also revealed that another attraction will be coming to the new world trade center. There is an observation deck that is currently being built and will be released later on in the year for people to enjoy. This observation deck will essentially be the indoor version of the Empire State Building Observation Deck. You’ll be able to view all of Manhattan, Brooklyn & other famous areas around NYC.


There is no word as to when the specific release date will be for this observation deck. We do know that like the museum there will be different kinds of facts listed around the opposite wall of the windows for people to read as well. There will more than likely be a shop for people to purchase various items, this’ll be one of the new places to must attend when visiting New York City as a tourist. There will also be an admission price to enter this observation deck but the incredible view that you’ll see will be more than worth the small amount you’ll have to pay.

We shall inform you of the official release date on this observation deck when that date is revealed to the public. Until then you can attend “The New World Trade Center Museum”.